Compiled from the Bill of Lading along with the Shipping Manifests indexed with US Customs at US Port, we compile the USA Imports data that is comprised of shipment records from all the US ports in a synchronized manner. Being the world’s third largest exporter/ importer of goods over all the continents, the trading structure and operation of US is vast. With the merchandise of the US commodities over a wide geographical region, we keep track of the data on the shipments imported to US by sea, air or road.

Our extensive search and analysis program is aimed to provide a reliable, punctual and a comprehensive trade data that will help you in planning your trade system. After retrieving raw data from the customs or any shipping companies, we filter the required information with our advanced filter search and navigational control and work over the crucial information to prepare our intelligence reports. Our detailed reports will assist you in identifying potential trade partners and competitors in the market. You will get to discover some of the incredible outlets of selling or buying of your products that were not discovered before. With our business intelligence, you gain prominent leverage in the market and locate the sources of profits among them.

The derived Import Data Of The USA From & Our Complete Analysis Includes:

Name and Address of US Importers

Name and Address of Foreign Suppliers

Product description with mark of identification

Name of the Port of Origin

Name of the Port of Destination

Name of the Port of Destination

Vessel Name

Container name etc.

Bill of Lading details

Client Info