Anti dumping duties on Chinese Tyre imports to boost Rubber in India

With India imposing anti dumping duties on Chinese tyres, Natural Rubber growers in India is looking forward to increase their Rubber production.
It is expected that with the anti dumping duty on Chinese tyres will turn the tyre companies to the domestic market to source Rubber and it will be a huge boost to the farmers. It is pointed out that the import of 0.1 million tyres is equivalent to the consumption of almost 3000 tons of Rubber in a month.
The significant increase in imports from China through Truck & Bus Radial (TBR) tyres was proving to be problem for the stakeholders in Rubber and Tyre industries in India. 

During the 2015 Fiscal year, the imports of Rubber was 23000 tons and it has almost doubled to 46000 tons in the  2017 Fiscal. More than 0.1 million tons of Rubber has reached in India during the last three years through TBR import.