Budget 2018 Increases Salary of President by 200% to Rs 5 lakh Per Month

New Delhi: One of the highlights of the Union Budget was the decision of the government to increase the salary of the President, Vice-President and the Governor.

The salary of the President has been increased from the current 1.5 lakh a month to 5 lakh a month. The Vice-President's salary will increase to Rs 4 lakh a month from the existing Rs 1.10 lakh a month.

The scale of increase has also impacted the salary of the Governor who would now earn a salary of Rs 3.5 lakh per month.

The scale of increase in the salary of the President is by a whopping 200%. 

The matter needs Parliament's approval which is expected in the current Budget session. Once cleared, the salary will be made applicable from February, 2016.

In 2009, the then President Pratibha Patil had approved the law giving her a 300 per cent hike in salary taking her monthly pay cheque to Rs 1.5 lakh from Rs 50,000 per month in the New Year.

She had also given her assent to another law that hiked the monthly salary of the then Vice-President M H Ansari's salary from Rs 40,000 to Rs 1.25 lakh per month.