Budget 2018: Mobile, laptop could get costlier if govt hikes custom duty on import

This year's Budget could bring happiness for domestic electronics companies but it might not be good news for the consumers of foreign electronic products, which are manufactured outside India. While there's a strong speculation that the government, in light of its Make in India agenda, could announce a big change in the tax structure, experts say the centre could also announce higher custom duty on consumer electronics items, thereby making these mobile phones and laptops costly.

Experts stress that ever since the Modi government came to power it has focused on promoting companies that manufacture in the country. If the government goes ahead with increasing the custom duty, the prices of electronic items are bound to increase as companies would transfer the increased burden on to consumers. The government has already taken steps in this direction. On July 1, 2017, the centre government imposed 10 per cent custom duty on mobile phone but increased it to 15 per cent in December.