Export and Import of Basmati and Non basmati rice

Rice is one of the major agricultural exports products from India. Basmati rice is in great demand in many of the countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Iraq, and Kuwait. India with natural advantages of soil and climate has been a major exporter of this high-value agricultural product. Basmati rice is a high-value variety of rice which has greater demand in an export market with better quality and taste. Basmati rice gets higher export earnings compared to non-basmati rice. Non-Basmati rice is one of the largest selling agricultural products from India has been exporting non-Basmati rice to many countries in the world from the beginning of its trade in agricultural commodities.  India is a major competitor in the world’s export market for rice. Rice is exported from India to many countries in the world. Basmati rice is exported to various countries in the world from India. Major importer of basmati rice from India -Saudi Arabia, U.K., USA, Kuwait and U.A.E.

Major importers of non-basmati rice from India- Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and South Africa

Other major countries that imported non-basmati rice from India are Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, U.A.E. and the Yemen Republic.

Major Rice importing countries are USA & Saudi Arabia.

Rice Exporting Countries are:  India (30.1%),Thailand(21.4%),USA (9.7%),Pakistan (9.1%),Vietnam(7.5%),Itely(2.8%),Uruguay(1.8%),Brazil(1.7%),Cambodia(1.6%),Australia(1.4%),China (1.3%),Russia (0.5%), Germany(0.5%),Singapore (0.3%)

India is considered as the Top largest country in rice exports.

Rice Top Imports Partners: Saudi Arabia, China, United States, Iran, UAE, Iraq, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Japan, France, Philippines,  Germany

Saudi Arabia is the largest importer of basmati rice from India. Rice exports from Saudi Arabia partner sites are USA, Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan, and Italy

Some other major countries who import rice from India are Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, etc

The major markets for the basmati rice from India: Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, United Kingdom, and United states.

Rice Imports into China and rice exports   from China such as Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Japan, Myanmar, Taiwan, Russia, New Zealand, Italy, Philippines