How to get import-export custom data from Indian Ports

Today India has become a part of the Global trade. The country has a number of multinational manufacturing and trading companies who import and export goods all over the world. The country is surrounded by oceans from three sides. It has a long coastline with more than 200 active ports. Sea routes are the most important and economical way of shipping goods to different countries. Indian ports play an important role in international trading in the country. All these ports also maintain the records of shipping goods, details of shipping agency, custom duty charges, shipping and consignee details, and manufacturer details. Data associated with imports and exports itself has a great value.

 Import and export data of Indian ports can provide information that can be utilized by a business company to plan their future strategies and operations.

To get Import Export Data of Indian ports, you need the help of professional agencies. These agencies have good contacts with shipping companies and customs agencies here are

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