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Indonesian Import & Export data is based on Bill lading

Being one of the largest global provider of Import-Export data, provides a comprehensive trade detail which is entirely based on the import and export bill, drafted with the reports from Indonesian Customs. Every shipment passing through or arriving at any port of Indonesia whether land, water or air is taken into consideration and the data is collected accordingly. With our huge experience in the study of merchandisable practices, we supply you with a compiled data of Indonesian international trade market.

Our complete study of the market activities that are hinged on the trade activities going around the Indonesian ports, and as gathered from the Bill of Lading, invoices, shipping details, Import bills and Bill of Entry, we create a data that will help you in understanding the trending commerce details of the international merchandise. Since the global trade is dynamic and coming up with new development, we bring all the data under our roof for your ease. With our advanced statistical and analytical processes, you will have access to the latest and authentic Trade Data at your fingertips.

We provide a range of data for you to analyse and work on it altogether such as::

  • Name and Address of Indonesian Importers & exporters.
  • Name and Address of Foreign Suppliers.
  • Date of shipment arrival.
  • Name of the Port of Origin.
  • Name of the Port of Destination.
  • Vessel Name.
  • Product description
  • Custom shipments Tariff etc

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Indonesian Import & Export Data


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