Working Process

01.Data Procurement
Mining of raw data from various resources i.e. shipping documents, Bill Of Entry, Shipping Bill, Bill of Lading . Some government sources some channel partner. i.e EUROSTAT, Badan Pusat Statistik

02.Data Cleaning
Data Cleaning is the process of identifying and modifying imprecise record from the raw data and refers to detecting irrelevant parts of the data and removing the coarse.

03.Data analysis
Analysis means to divide a whole data into its separate components for independent examination

04.Data Validation
Data without validation is not of any use, the basic necessary is to check to accuracy.

05. Data Quality Check
Our dedicated team will be doing the quality check on of the data so that we can serve better to our clients

06. Value addition in Report
To make your business plan successful we are doing the value addition in our reports

07. Data Ready to deliver to our client
After complete all our above checklist we are going to deceiver our product to you which help you in your business extension.

08. Data Support Team
We have a dedicated team to support you anytime